Flying in the Rocky Mountains

The most memorable flying experience to-date. The views truly are out-of-this world. On July 1st, I flew from St. George, UT to my home airport (Indianapolis Metropolitan KUMP). The flight took us through Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, and to Indiana. Total time in the air was around 9 hours and the journey could have been done all in one day.  However, we decided to split the trip into two legs. We flew for 6 hours on Day 1, stayed for the night in Lawrence, KS (home of the Kansas University), and finished the trip the next morning.

Here is the flight plan:


We picked up a good deal of tailwind along the entire route with ground speeds in the range of 145-175 knots (170-200 MPH). We flew over the Rockies at 11,500-13,500 feet and then between 3,500-7,500 feet in the low-lands depending on the most favorable tail winds.

The one thing that is apparent from this trip is that the United States is a VAST and rural country. All the way from Utah to Indiana, these is a bunch of nothingness for hundreds of miles.

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