Detroit, MI

The Motor City. I used to live in the northern suburbs (Lake Orion) of Detroit for 4 years and had an opportunity to explore in-depth its history and tour most of Detroit’s landmarks. Not many people realize that from the turn of the 20th century up to the 1960’s, Detroit was THE PREMIER city in the country in terms of industrial output, arts, culture, investment (it was 4th largest city for during that period). It’s museums, galleries ranked on-par-with New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia . Unfortunately, since the 60’s the city has experienced a slow but steady demise and now only the photographs in the historical museums, shells of the once-glamorous buildings, and your imagination can tell you how splendid it once was. Even now, however, Detroit has a lot of “soul.” The people who live there are interesting, there is a lot of ethnicity, diversity, and there is something special about it.


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